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Story of one of our installations: Gangotri Glacier, Himalayas

In 2015 Aethalometers AE33 were installed for Wadia institute of Himalayan Glaciarology in Dehradoon, India. Two sites – Bhojwasa (3,800 mts MSL) and Chirbasa (3600 mts MSL) near Gangotri are run by Dr. P.S. Negi. Dokriani site (3900 mts MSL) in Bhagirathi basin is run by Dr. D.P. Dobhal. The sites are measuring Black Carbon aerosols using Aethalometers AE33. Main sources on these sites are bio mass burning and transported aerosols. Gangotri town has the a lot of diesel generators, which could also be a potential source in Bhojwasa and Chirbasa sites. The aim of these studies is long term measuring of Black Carbon in Himalayan region, to study the Glacier melting and climate change. Sites have access two times in a year. There is no internet available at site: data is saved on Aethalometer AE 33, collected when visiting the sites and brought back to WIHG Dehradoon for analysis. The autonomy of the site was a big challenge. The whole set up, including Aethalometer AE33 and Co2 sensor, is kept inside a special IP65 boxes which were insulated by M&G using PE foam sheets from inside to keep the electronics warm. This whole set was put inside a hut to protect from rain and snow.


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