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WIPO director general, his team and the Slovenian WIPO team visit Aerosol

Aerosol is pleased to share the news of Mr. Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), and his team visiting our company.

This visit was of special significance as it follows our recognition with the WIPO Global Award for our contributions to intellectual property commercialization in July of this year.

Alongside Mr. Tang, we had the honor of hosting his colleagues, Mr. Habip Asan, Director, and Mr. Ryszard Frelek, Program Officer, both from WIPO’s Division for Transition and Developed Countries.

Representing Slovenia, we were pleased to welcome Ms. Karin Žvokelj, Director of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, Ambassador of Slovenia in Geneva, Anita Pipan, and Ms. Ana Otoničar, PR.

From the very inception of Aerosol, the company has strived for excellence. A photograph capturing Mr. Tang alongside Mrs. Forštnarič, CEO of Aerosol, proudly displaying the original patent on the wall, symbolizes the company’s beginnings. Fast forward to today, where Aerosol stands as a recipient of the WIPO Global Award, and Mr. Tang’s visit serves as a reminder of how far the company has come.

Mrs. Forštnarič, CEO, and Mr. Marinič, COO, welcomed Mr. Tang and members of the WIPO delegation and gave them a guided tour through the company, including our production, sales&marketing, Skylab, and R&D, followed by a productive meeting.

Take a look at some snapshots and the memorable group photo with the WIPO teams and all our staff members.


We’re grateful for this opportunity and look forward to future collaborations.

Aerosol’s journey to global recognition is enhanced by an interview featuring Mrs. Forštnarič in WIPO Magazine. This interview, which was conducted in July, provided valuable insights into Aerosol’s mission and its important role in air quality monitoring for a healthier environment. You can read the full interview here.


Ana Mohar, marketing specialist



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