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Aethalometer AE36
Aethalometer AE36s

Experience yourself why the Aethalometer® is installed in thousands of air quality monitoring stations worldwide and why it is used in thousands of scientific studies. The demo will allow you to witness the capabilities of our latest technology, providing you with real-time data and insights on Black Carbon and its sources.

Reasons to participate in our free “BOOK YOUR demo” offer:

  1. See it in action: Get hands-on experience with our instrument’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
  2. Comprehensive results: Gain access to highly accurate and reliable air quality data for better measurements, analysis, or science.
  3. Expert guidance: Our support team will be available to answer your questions and offer valuable insights during the demo.
  4. It’s free of charge: The use of AE36s or AE36 is completely FREE during the demo period. + After the demo period is over, you simply return it to us. We would appreciate your feedback, though.


How to Participate:


Sign up: Fill out a simple form below to express your interest in the free demo.

Aerosol Magee Scientific team or its partner in your country will contact you soon to schedule a convenient time for the demo and other details.

Terms and conditions:

  • Limited number of instruments is available for demo and a waiting list may be implemented.
  • The maximum period for demo is 60 days.
  • One instrument per organization is available.
  • Shipping costs to the customer are covered by Aerosol Magee Scientific or its partner.
  • It is required demo is used according to instructions in the User manual. Any repair that would be needed due to damage that occurred on the instrument during demo will be charged to the customer.
  • Demo instrument comes with a set of standard accessories.
  • Short report after demo period is required.


Book your demo
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