Novice in dogodki

Snapshots of the 14th International conference on Air Quality in Helsinki

Our company was a sponsor and exhibitor at the 14th International conference on Air Quality, held at the University of Helsinki from the 13th to the 17th of May, 2024. We focused our attention not only on presenting one of the newest additions to our portfolio, the AE36s, but also on actively participating with scientific presentations by Asta Gregorič and Matic Ivančič.

Matic Ivančič presented “Carbonaceous aerosol fingerprints for different types of events in Pirkkola (Helsinki) using total carbon–black carbon (TC-BC) method.” and Asta Gregorič explained the “Comparative study of black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols in four South-Eastern European hotspots”.

Both presentations were well-received and initiated insightful discussions that enriched the dialogue around black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols.

For a closer look at the conference and our participation, take a look at these snapshots.


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