Novice in dogodki

At the ACTRIS conference

We had a great experience at the ACTRIS science conference in Rennes, France. As one of the 14 exhibitors, Aerosol Magee Scientific had the opportunity to engage with the ACTRIS community in person for the first time.

This conference took place over four days, from Monday, May 13th, to Thursday, May 16th, and during this time, our team actively participated by delivering a scientific talk as well as presenting a poster.

Dr. Martin Rigler engaged the audience with his presentation on “Intensive Comparative Study of Black Carbon and Other Carbonaceous Aerosols in Four South-Eastern European Hotspots,” while Dr. Bálint Alföldy shared his insights through his poster presentation “Physical and optical properties of primary wood combustion particles and secondary formed aerosol in the EUPHORE experimental chamber”.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow researchers and showcase our latest instruments.

It was well-attended and especially focused on the study of ambient aerosols, making it a truly worthwhile event.


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