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Secretery’s award for corporate excellence – alternate winner in the climate innovation category – Aerosol Co.

We proudly announce that Aerosol company was recognized in the Climate Innovation category for its work in the field of environmental research by the U.S. Department of State.


Established in 1999, the award seeks to highlight ways in which U.S. companies represent American values in the way they do business, in line with international best practices such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We are very grateful and honored for this award.


Aerosol Co. develops, manufactures, and markets the most relied upon Magee Scientific’s instruments for monitoring carbonaceous aerosols in the air and is considered the leading institution for the research and monitoring of Black Carbon and other types of Carbonaceous Aerosols. Aerosol collaborates in many international research projects with the leading scientists investigating carbonaceous aerosols. Instruments and methods developed in Aerosol d.o.o. are used on all continents, from San Francisco to Shanghai, Dublin to Delhi, in Sahara Desert regions, and even North and South Poles, from Spitsbergen (North Pole) to the monitoring stations in Antarctica (South Pole).


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