Tourism Impact Model for Circular Economy
2022 - 2024

Tourism Impact Model Dynamic Data Fusion 4 Circular Economy, TIM DDF4CE, solution is a completely new and innovative service in the field of air pollution prevention and control as part of the transition to a circular economy.

The solution combines accurate measurement of airborne particulate matter, specifically carbonaceous aerosols and their components, with various other data sources across tourism indicators into a dynamic data fusion that provides users (i.e., decision-makers in tourism destinations) with key information on air pollution based on real, accurate and high-frequency data, and assisted by analytical machine learning methods and artificial intelligence.

The solution is based on (a) carbonaceous aerosol measurements with an upgraded Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS), which will enable to measure concentrations and its components, which is crucial for identifying the negative influence of air pollution on human health and the environment, (b) dynamic data fusion and graphical display on Arctur’s T4.0 Core platform, which offers high-performance analysis and visualization of different types of data over time and the determination of correlations between them, enhanced with artificial intelligence and simulation capabilities.

TIM DDF4CE, therefore, enables strategic planning of tourism development based on real data and thus makes a significant contribution to reducing the adverse impacts of air pollution on human health, cultural heritage, the ecosystem, and the climate.




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