Quantitative Optical Methods
2020 — 2023

Quantitative optical methods for advanced real-time characterization of ambient air particulate matter (PM) pollution.

The objective of the proposed research project (ARRS QOM J2-2502) is to develop new, innovative methods for measuring the optical properties of aerosols (absorption coefficient, scattering coefficient, scattering phase function, and refractive index) in real-time. More detailed and complete information on optical properties of aerosols will enable better classification of particles by composition, size and structure and at the same time enable a better understanding of their impact on human health and associated biological processes. Furthermore, knowledge of the optical properties of aerosols will also lead to a better understanding of the impact that aerosols have on the climate and its changes. The proposed project brings together two research groups with extensive experience in the design of state-of-the-art Black Carbon PM measurement systems on one hand and utilization of light propagation modeling for estimation of optical properties on the other hand, and as such creates a perfect environment for high impact research that will extend the state-of-the-art in both fields.



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