Aerosol soft photo ionisation Orbitrap mass spectrometry
2018 - 2021

The purpose of the AerOrbi project is to develop a new combined instrument for real-time aerosol particle characterization. It includes optical determination of Black Carbon concentrations with a modified Aethalometer, speciation of Black Carbon sources, and analysis of the chemical composition of particles with a highly sensitive photo-ionization mass spectrometer. The final product is a field-type instrument for the characterization of aerosols and describing their optical properties and composition. The final instrument provides the determination of toxic substances, emission sources, and relevant environmental parameters.

Characterization of aerosols is considered a key element in conducting environmental and climatological studies, making it an attractive feature for analytical instruments. The new instrument will fit into a large gap of existing aerosol characterization measurement techniques since the Aethalometer allows the determination of Black Carbon concentration, an important climatic factor. On the other hand, a high-resolution photoionization mass spectrometer provides information at the molecular level, which is crucial for determining its impact on the environment and human health.

The investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU – European Regional Development Fund.


Project coordinator: Photonion (Germany)

Project partners: Aerosol d.o.o. (Slovenia), University of Rostock (Germany), Spectroswiss (Switzerland)


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