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Physics in schools – Aerosol Co. collaboration with Slovenian primary schools


We are proud to announce the publication of Part 2 of the 26th edition of Physics in Schools, detailing good practice in introducing students to environmental issues. For many years, Aerosol d.o.o. has been working in an exemplary way with many external stakeholders as part of its vision, mission and social responsibility. One such project is the Measurement of Black Carbon Concentrations around Primary Schools project, which involves working with primary schools on project-based learning. This involved a combination of a 14-day measurement campaign using instruments from Aerosol d.o.o., a joint presentation and analysis of the results of measurements of black carbon concentrations in the vicinity of primary schools. The pupils were actively involved in the learning process, raised their awareness of environmental issues, learned about the main negative impacts of aerosols on humans and developed a commitment to learning by exploring real-world problems.


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