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New brand identity

The world’s leading experts in the measurement of carbonaceous aerosols have combined their products, findings, achievements and outstanding references into a new unified brand, Aerosol Magee Scientific. We are determined to use our common brand, knowledge and experience to make an even greater impact on the future of the planet and on human health.


In the European company Aerosol, based in Slovenia, in cooperation with the American company Magee Scientific, founded by the inventor of the first patented Aethalometer® in the world, we have been producing, developing and upgrading instruments for measuring black carbon and carbonaceous aerosols in real time for decades. We connect them into networks and complement them with services and research projects, which we carry out together with reputable scientific institutions from all over the world.

Behind the unified name and new graphic identity of the Aerosol Magee Scientific brand, we are the same people and the same teams. In cooperation with existing research, development and business partners, we continue to develop proven top-quality measuring instruments.

We see real-time measurements and reliable data as the first and necessary foundation for action. Let’s keep an eye on the amount of harmful particles in the air with real and comparable data over time. What we measure, we can improve.



Users of scientific instruments, now called Aerosol Magee Scientific, monitor black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols on all continents and at observatories at the South and North Poles. They measure air quality under extreme conditions, such as the highest parts of the Earth in the Himalayas or the depths reached by mines. They also help in large cities, where air pollution affects most people.


Global Reach of Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments

Global reach of Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments


Aerosol Magee Scientific is a brand with a scientifically proven approach to the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols. Our instruments have provided data for nearly 8,000 published scientific papers and reports. Our own research team coordinates several national, bilateral and European projects. We participate in international projects of the most influential environmental scientists. We present our findings at major global and regional scientific conferences on carbonaceous aerosols and their impact on human health and the state of the planet.


Aerosol Magee Scientific publications

Aerosol Magee Scientific published peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations by year


In addition to real-time instruments for carbonaceous aerosols, we use laboratory instrumentation, sample conditioners and dedicated software for data analysis with advanced and easy-to-understand solutions for aerosol research and management.

Aerosol Magee Scientific Aethalometer® AE33


Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments are considered to be the most reliable instruments for the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols. They are simple to use, yet thorough and reliable. They are linked to applications that allow continuous access, traceability and data validation.

The development of Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments and applications is influenced by an online community of responsible users who are aware of their role in protecting clean air. Superior support is provided by an experienced technical and scientific team. We share knowledge and experience. Together, we master the data that influences action.


Aerosol Magee Scientific Total Carbon Analyzer TCA08



Data is key to planning for a sustainable future and managing the harmful particles in the air. Reference datasets revealing long-term trends are the basis for decision-making. There are as yet no standards or regulations for the measurement of black carbon. However, what we measure with Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments, which we develop based on the world’s first patented Aethalometer, is a globally established reference framework for assessing air pollution. This was proved once again by the World Health Organization in a 2021 report, with the recognition of the Aethalometer as a common black carbon measurement method.


Graph representing the growing number of scientific publications including the instrument Aethalometer by four year long periods.

Number of published scientific articles using Aethalometer in the last 40 years (source: Google Scholar).


Aerosol Magee Scientific is synonymous with data that is comparable over time. Continuous measurements and reference data provide high-quality monitoring and in-depth long-term and trend analysis. When introducing new products, we always ensure that data from existing, updated and new instruments is comparable. Data continuity is our core value.



Aerosol Magee Scientific is the first choice of responsible people who are aware of the dangers of climate change. Black carbon and carbonaceous aerosols are the second most important contributor to global warming due to the absorption of light. At a time when we are all working together to keep the global temperature from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, considering the impact of carbonaceous aerosols on temperature and ice melt is all the more important. Future generations will also need a healthy environment and air to breathe.

Aerosol Magee Scientific is a brand of reliable air quality data that provides continuity over long periods of time. It monitors air pollution from black carbon particles and other aerosols using scientific measurement instruments and methods. These particles pose a threat to human health worldwide. They affect the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. Modern, credible and reliable measurements based on research and advanced methods are the basis for action.

Aerosol Magee Scientific’s methods and measurement instruments are improved by a scientific and research-oriented team, which opens its ranks to established experts and the best students from various scientific and technical disciplines.

We are looking to the future of the present and future inhabitants of the only planet we have. We are already putting our concern for the quality of life into practice in our own companies. Aerosol operates in accordance with the Socially Responsible Employer certification.



Accurate measurements are the first step towards action that respects the future of the planet and the next generations. Aerosol Magee Scientific is a brand of measurable foundations for sustainable decision-making.

To measure air pollution, we develop devices tailored to measurements in different environments and circumstances. Accurate data drives new and re-measurable approaches to action at the local, regional and global levels.

At Aerosol Magee Scientific, the world’s leading experts in the measurement of black carbon and carbonaceous aerosols, we combine over 30 years of experience, insights from thousands of research studies and a passion for using our knowledge to influence the future.

Harmful particles in the atmosphere mainly come from the current human impact on the environment. Let’s change the way we act and live based on measured data. Let’s get involved in measurement and research. Let’s choose instruments that have been proven to be credible. Let’s trust scientific analysis. Let’s help the Earth and ourselves breathe better.



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