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Aethalometer® AE33 software update (SW:

This software update for the AE33 Aethalometer adds features and functionality to the instrument.

This software upgrade gives the Aethalometer a full range of connectivity.

The Aethalometer can now interface to the TCA08 Total Carbon Analyzer, to give a complete analysis of the carbonaceous component of the aerosol.

With SW, the Aethalometer can also connect to new external devices, Wind Speed and Direction sensor and Aurora 4000 Nephelometer. This upgrade also improves the tape advance control and reporting of the amount of fresh tape remaining.

The new software version (v is compatible with all series of Aethalometers (S0-S6). Firmware version 513 or greater is required.
If your Aethalometer has a serial number less than 90 or software version less than 1.172, please contact us for further information before updating.

The updated User’s Manual for the TCA08 Total Carbon Analyzer can be downloaded here, after log in or signing up for a free User’s Group account.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us for more information.


First log in or sign up for a free account at the Magee Scientific website. You can then access information on all our products. Material specific to the AE33 is under the heading Products > AE33.

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