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ACTRIS whitelisted AE36 and AE36s

ACTRIS is a European organisation, with a community of more than 100 research organizations from 22 countries. This largest atmospheric research institute in size collects detailed data about short-lived particles in the air and how they change in different environments. Their objectives are to explore the atmosphere, collect high-quality data that is easy to access while promoting research collaborations across countries.

In April 2024, ACTRIS shared their new whitelist the list of instruments they approve for use. On the ACTRIS-approved list of instruments, you can now find our Aethalometers  AE36 and AE36s, the most recent additions to the Aerosol Magee Scientific portfolio.

Besides AE36 and AE36s, you can find on the list AE43, AE33, and AE31. AE31’s compliance will remain valid until the end of 2025, so we suggest you update your portfolio with our newest instruments – AE36 and AE36s or take advantage of our promotional offer for AE33 (until stocks last).


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