About Us



Our MISSION is to raise awareness of carbonaceous aerosols; by providing knowledge, systems and data that can lead to policies to make the environment a safer and healthier place for all.

  • to be the leading producer, partner and provider of systems, services and support to users in the field of carbonaceous aerosols.
  • to have a leading research and development position in the segment of all carbonaceous aerosols.

The world’s leading experts in the measurement of carbonaceous aerosols have combined their products, findings, achievements and outstanding references into a new unified brand, Aerosol Magee Scientific. We are determined to use our common brand, knowledge and experience to make an even greater impact on the future of the planet and on human health.

Aerosol Magee Scientific is the name of a scientifically proven approach to the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols. It is the brand of measurable foundations for sustainable decision-making and reliable air quality data. Aerosol Magee Scientific is the first choice of responsible people who are aware of the dangers of climate change and the adverse health effects of carbonaceous aerosols.

Quality policy

We are committed to the highest quality standard of our products and services. All employees respect Quality policy of the company through its own conduct in carrying out the work. We strive towards achieving the company’s strategic objectives: to develop the best instruments and services based on existing information, produce them, sell them and ensure satisfaction of users. Final goal is business and scientific excellence. We monitor performance indicators and respond to deviations and strive for continual improvement thereof. We cooperate with the users of our products and services, considering their wishes and needs with respect to our ability. The opinion of our customers is the starting point for planning of the development. We co-create users needs. We transparently inform our stakeholders. In communication we follow the principle of regularity and timeliness.


Aerosol Company was certified in 2017 according to ISO 9001:2015 for its procedures in developing, manufacturing, and supporting Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments.

Aerosol has a Socially Responsible Employer certificate, which is based on the guidelines of the international standard for social responsibility, ISO 26000. It aims to improve the socially responsible behavior of organisations and companies in relation to their employees.