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AAAR 2022 in Raleigh

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We attended the AAAR 40th Annual Conference with sessions covering many topics of aerosol science, such as: Aerosol chemistry, Biomass combustion, Health related aerosol topics, Source apportionment, and many others. Magee Scientific /Aerosol Co. was a bronze sponsor of the conference.

Congratulations to prof. Judith C. Chow et al for receiving the Outstanding Publication Award during the Conference. The award was granted for publication in 2001, where DRI 2001, a laboratory OC/EC analyzer was used – a predecessor of the DRI model 2015 and the DRI model 2015 series 2 produced in Magee Scientific / Aerosol Co.

During the AAAR  Magee Scientific / Aerosol Co. together with Sonoma Technology, Inc. organized a “Black beer and Black Carbon Happy hour” social event, which was fun, pleasant, and successful.

During the event, Dr. Philip Hopke, one of the editors of the journal “The Science of the total environment (STOTEN),” announced that the STOTEN journal is preparing a special issue dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the journal. This special issue will include all the most cited articles of the decades. One of those is also the article of Dr. Anthony Hansen et al. from 1984 introducing the invention of the AETHALOMETER instrument and is thus the most cited article of all STOTEN journals issued in the 1980s.


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