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AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence Award

We at Aerosol Co. are proud to have received the prestigious AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence Award, awarded by the company Dun & Bradstreet within the framework of the international project of the implementation of financial analysis of companies, which is achieved by only 3.6% of Slovenian companies.

“Receiving the AAA Platinum Credit Creditworthiness Certificate is the result of cultivating good business practices, commitment to the satisfaction of all involved, and achieving financial integrity over the years of business. This is a joint success of all Aerosol employees. My acknowledgment and thanks go to the entire team of Aerosol Co.,” says Mateja Forštnarič, CEO of Aerosol Co. and continues, “Receiving the Platinum Creditworthiness excellence gives the Aerosol Co. added value, credibility and strengthens the trust of our suppliers, customers and other business partners that we are reliable and trustworthy partner. ”

Dun & Bradstreet has a long-standing tradition of awarding certificates of credit excellence in 12 European countries, including Slovenia. The credit rating of excellence represents the above-average credit rating of business entities. For the fourth time this year, Dun & Bradstreet selected companies with platinum creditworthiness among all business entities, which, according to the new failure score model, have achieved the highest AAA gold rating for at least three years in a row. In Slovenia, in 2022, among all 234,740 registered companies, only 3.6% of companies achieved platinum creditworthiness rating excellence, and Aerosol Co. is among the latter this year.


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