Instruments for the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols

Black Carbon, Brown Carbon, Organic and Elemental Carbon, Total Carbon, Primary and Secondary Organic aerosols

Good data. Good science. Good policy.

Aerosol Magee Scientific is a brand with a scientifically proven approach to the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols.

Type of use

Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments are used by environmental monitoring agencies, scientific and research institutions, industrial controllers, and many others that care about human health and the state of the planet.

Users of Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments monitor black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols in hundreds of air quality networks on all continents. They help in large cities, where air pollution affects most people.


Aerosol Magee Scientific is synonymous with data that is comparable over time. Continuous measurements and reference data provide high-quality monitoring and in-depth long-term and trend analysis. When introducing new products, we always ensure that data from existing, updated and new instruments is comparable. Data continuity is our core value.

Aerosol Magee Scientific is the first choice of responsible people who are aware of the dangers of climate change. Black carbon and carbonaceous aerosols are the second most important contributor to global warming due to the absorption of light. At a time when we are all working together to keep the global temperature from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, considering the impact of carbonaceous aerosols on temperature and ice melt is all the more important.


Aerosol Magee Scientific is a brand of reliable air quality data that provides continuity over long periods of time. It monitors air pollution from black carbon, brown carbon and other aerosols using scientific measurement instruments and methods. These particles pose a threat to human health worldwide. They are a universal carrier of a wide variety of chemicals that are toxic to the human body and affect the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. These particles are a major constituent of a regulated PM2.5. Modern, credible and reliable measurements based on research and advanced methods are the basis for action.


Harmful particles in the air mainly come from the current human impact on the environment. Change the way we act and live based on measured data. Choose instruments that have been proven to be credible. Trust scientific analysis. Help the Earth and ourselves breathe better.


Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments are considered to be the most reliable instruments for the measurement of black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols. They are simple to use, yet thorough and reliable. They are linked to applications that allow continuous access, traceability and data validation.


Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments are installed in more than 70 countries on all continents. They are deep underground to monitor diesel exhaust in mines and at the Base Camp of Mt. Everest to measure the regional pollution of remote locations. Our instruments are used at research stations from the Amazon Jungle to the Sahara Desert; from Spitzbergen to the South Pole. Our instruments are installed in agency stations from San Francisco to Shanghai, from Dublin to Delhi, and everywhere in between. They are used for fundamental research, air quality monitoring, environmental engineering, and other applications.


Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments have provided data for nearly 8,000 published scientific papers and reports. Our own research team coordinates several national, bilateral, and European projects. We participate in international projects of the most influential environmental scientists. We present our findings in peer-reviewed articles and at major global and regional scientific conferences on carbonaceous aerosols and their impact on human health and the state of the planet. This know-how is also an integral part of our products.


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Users of Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments monitor black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols on all continents and at observatories at the South and North Poles. They measure air quality under extreme conditions, such as the highest parts of the Earth in the Himalayas or the depths reached by mines. They also help in large cities, where air pollution affects most people.

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