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Critical software update

Aethalometer® AE33 software update
SW: and


The software update and of the Aethalometer AE33 is a CRITICAL software update.

Current software upgrade focuses on Aethalometers AE33 that run previously released SW versions ( and that were affected due to some software errors.

Please find below a short description of the corrections made in this software update.




The new software version (v is compatible with all production series of Aethalometers with serial number starting S0, S1, … S7 (S0-S7).
The new software version (v is compatible with production series of Aethalometers with serial number starting with S08.

  • during synchronization between Aethalometer AE33 and AethNET, the sequence of BC data for channel 7 was entered in wrong order. The columns in the exported data files via USB drive (standard data download) were correct.
  • due to an error in the code, missing data lines could occur on Aethalometer AE33 running version (CRITICAL)
  • compared to previous PCM version of a computer board, the network adapter now needs to be addressed dynamically. Aethalometer AE33 running version can face difficulties when setting the static IP address.


Aurora 4000 Nephelometer

New software version enables up to 4 different angles of measured light scattering data. In previous versions the nephelometer was only possible to connect with the AE33 in case exactly 4 angles were set, while now the user can chose this parameter between 1 and 4. There are some additional minor fixes (like Flow Calibration report) that were added into the ‘reports’ section.


The instrument must be running Firmware version 513 or greater. We recommend updating the firmware to the current FW518, see User’s Group website for details.

If your Aethalometer has a serial number less than 90 or software version less than 1.172, please contact us for further information before updating.



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